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USA Today features WIVP-sponsored Workplace Bullying Initiative at Sioux City Community School District

The Waitt Institute sponsored Workplace Bullying Initiative at the Sioux City Community School District was featured April 6, 2010 in USA TODAY's story about bullying among adults in schools. SIoux City was the first school district in America to adopt and begin implementation of "adult to adult" bullying policy.

Schools Tackle teacher-on-teacher bullying

Most schools have policies that target bullying, but they are usually aimed at students. Now, school districts in Iowa and California are developing rules to prevent teachers from bullying teachers.

"Kids are very vulnerable to what adults say. Adult modeling is a very powerful force in shaping youth behavior," said Stan Davis, a school guidance counselor in Sidney, Maine, and a bullying prevention expert

The Sioux City, Iowa, community school district approved its policy last April. Desert Sands Unified School District of La Quinta, Calif., is awaiting final passage later this month. The two school districts are believed to be the only ones nationwide developing anti-bullying policies for their adult employees, said Gary Namie, who — with his wife and fellow psychologist, Ruth Namie — founded the Workplace Bullying Institute in Bellingham, Wash.

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