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UNI Center Opens (

UNI Center Opens (

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Sioux City Project

WIVP Supports Groundbreaking Violence Prevention Education Program

University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA - January 28, 2011

The Center for Violence Prevention officially opened its doors Friday on the University of Northern Iowa campus.

Fundamental core initiatives established in the Waitt Institutefor Violence Preventionís Sioux City Project will becomethe center piece of educational and intervention strategies supported by the Center for Violence Prevention on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa, with additional outreach to the University of Iowa and Iowa State University.

Annette Lynch, Charles Grassley
John Flannery of Verizon (right) presents a ceremonial check to CVP Director Annette Lynch and U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley. (photo by Brandon Baker/Northern Iowan)

The Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention has invested in acutting edge new education program at the University of Northern Iowa. Along with on campus gender violence prevention, victimsservices and public awareness initiatives, the University will now offerviolence prevention certification for it's future coaches and teachers.

Dr. Alan Heisterkamp of WIVP was instrumental in initiating the partnership, and has been actively involved in its development.

Cindy Waitt, Executive Director of WIVP said, " I don't know of any other university who now offers violence prevention certification for its future educators, school administrators and coaches.  It's been a dream of WIVP's to see violence prevention education that is low cost, sustainable and embedded in the school culture.  Training our future educators is a brilliant way to infuse this in schools across America."