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Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention ramps up school- based and community- wide violence prevention campaign in Sioux City, Iowa in all middle and high schools

Sioux City, IA - March 2006 -

Beginning in teh fall of 2006, the Waitt Institute for VIolence Prevention, along with teh Sioux City School System and the community of Sioux City, will implement on-going violence prevention programs in all SIoux City middle and high schools. We will continue our strong partnership with Mentors In Violence Prevention, and begin to implement the FVPF's Coaching Boys into Men curriculum as well. We will involve school staff, service providers, teachers and parents, as well as the entire community in changing social norms concerning violence.

"Sioux City's on-ground, in-depth programming gives us a great testing ground for our programs nationally and will be bital in informing the nation what can work in changing hearts and minds around violence," said Cindy Waitt.

Waitt Instittue for Violence Prevention and the Waitt Family Foundation has been actively involved in school-based violence prevention programs since 1999. Click here for more about our Siouc City work.