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"Private Violence" 21-minute film preview completed with assistance from Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention

Sioux City, IA - March 2006 -

In August of 2005, the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention contracted with a group of independent film makers to produce a short preview of what they expect will be a two-hour feature called "Private Violence, the Anti-Battering Movement in America".

The film group has produced a stunning preview, which features major players in the family violence movement such as Ellen Pence, Lt. Mark Wynn, Casey Gwinn and Lydia Walker, also includes statements from supporters, such as Senators Joe Biden and Arlen Specter, basketball legend ML Carr, and actress Selma Hayek.

"The domestic violence movement's history has never been chronicled, and we see this film as not only promoting awareness, but also providing an educational experience for young people".

The Institute will assist the film group in raising additional funds to bring this to a national audience. The producers of the film are Catherine Saulino, Ph.D., Kit Gruelle, Academy Award winner Stacey Kabat, and Emmy Award winner post production supervisor Gary Bulkin, and Inez Odom, who had previously worked on the chronicle of the civil rights movement, "Eyes on the Prize".