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M.L. Carr and Coaching Boys to Men Comes to Sioux City

Sioux City, IA - November, 2007

ml carr

As part of the FVPF’s nationwide effort to engage high school athletic coaches in positive solutions to help end violence against women and children, Former Boston Celtic Coach and Family Violence Prevention Fund Board Member, M.L. Carr traveled to Sioux City, Iowa to conduct an open discussion with high school parents, teachers and coaches about the program. M.L., Founder of WARM2Kids (We Are All Role Models 2 Kids), co-authored the Coaching Boys into Men Playbook for coaches with his son Michael, and is now traveling to several events to promote the program among coaches.

With support from The Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention, Sioux City, Iowa remains a leader in violence prevention as a city-wide effort is underway to change social norms through public education campaigns and simultaneously involve all the high schools in prevention-based programs among teens and young adults. M.L.’s visit to the community underscored this effort while as he encouraged all Sioux City parents, teachers and coaches to take the messages of Coaching Boys into Men to heart: “Teach early. Teach often. Listen. Be a Role Model .”