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Waitt Institute Honors Boykin

Sioux City, IA - November 16, 2007

The Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention honored two leaders in the field of violence prevention at their annual 2007 Awards Ceremony November 15th at the Orpheum Theater.

The local recipient of the “Lighting the Way” Award, and long time partner of the Waitt Foundation and Waitt Institute, is George Boykin, Executive Director of the Sanford Community Center.
Judy Stafford of Waitt Institute said, “George understands that men’s violence against women violates basic human rights, and tirelessly works to ensure that particularly youth learn that violence and disrespect are not acceptable whether at home, school, or community. Preventing men’s violence against women requires teaching young men and women through example, life lessons, and expectations that there is no excuse for violence. With his programs and his amazing staff, he has dedicated his life to this community and has reached thousands of young people with the constant message that each and every person should be cared about, treated with respect and expected to treat others the same way. In honoring George Boykin we recognize his commitment to lighting thee way for so many people, especially those most vulnerable to violence and its effects. He truly understands what it means to leave no child behind.”
Waitt Institute’s national “Lighting the Way” award this year went to Kevin Miller, co-founder and Executive Director of Men’s Network Against Domestic Violence located in Seattle, WA.       
Kevin has been instrumental in providing grassroots leadership in sustaining an organization dedicated to engaging men to join women in ending men’s violence against women. With help from his volunteers he has reached throughout Washington providing training and workshops. He provided critical assistance in helping Waitt Institute organize a historic gathering in Boston this summer of over 30 men’s movement leaders. Stafford said, “Several years ago, knowing that men’s violence against women has had such devastating effects on women, children, and men, Kevin made the decision to leave a successful business career to join the increasing number of men wanting to make a difference. This award recognizes his commitment to lighting the way for other men to join women in their work to stop the violence.”
Last year’s local recipient was Dr. Alan Heisterkamp, former principal at North High School and now a consultant to Waitt Institute. The national winner was Jackson Katz, nationally known gender violence activist, author, and speaker, and founder of MVP strategies. The Waitt Foundation also honored Pat Collins for her years of tireless work and dedication to the Waitt Family Foundation Scholarship program.