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Sioux City Bandits and WIVP Partner on Charity Golf Event

Sioux City, IA - May 5, 2008

Over 100 business leaders,coaches, youth advocates, and athletes gathered at Whispering Creek Golf Course in Sioux City to raise funds and awareness for the Waitt Institute's violence prevention programs.

The first annual Sioux City Bandits/Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention Charity Golf Event was the first official partnership of the WIVP with a local sports team.

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Participants included the General Manager of the Bandits, Bob Scott (far right)

The tournament started when a local coach approached General Manager Bob Scott of  the Bandits and spoke of the importance of involving men and athletes in carrying the message of respect for women, and teaching their sons non violent behavior.  Scott then contacted the Institute and offered to sponsor a yearly tournament.

Cindy Waitt, President of the Waitt Institute said, "We've partnered with many sports figures across the country, but having a local team approach us meant a lot to us.  Involving men is a vital part of our public education and awareness campaign, and the Bandit's players and fans are a key target audience for this message'

The golf tournament was followed by Bandit's Coach Jarrod Degeorgia's reading of the Family Violence Prevention Fund's "Founding Fathers Pledge" at a home game Saturday night in front of nearly 5,000 fans.