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WIVP Supports 'The Bully Project' - A Year in the Life of America's bullying crisis.


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ABC's 20/20 Features Lee Hirsh and WIVP-supported Documentary

October 15, 2010 -- "Fat. Gay. Or just different from the crowd." This is the lead in to a 20/20 episode entitle "Bullied to Death" that appeared on that ABC show.

In addition to some of the families shattered by excessive bullying, 20/20 also spoke with Lee Hirsch, the creator of "The Bully Project: A Year in the Life of America's Bullying Crisis," a film that has received support from Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention.

The Bully Project", a character driven film will actually follow the lives and stories of students across the country starting on the first day of school to the last.  The film will also delve deeper into some of the tragic stories that have garnered national attention due to suicides, school shootings, and other acts of violence. 

Lee Hirsch
Lee Hirsch, appearing on ABC's 20/20, "Bullied to Death" (click to watch)

The 20/20 episode focuses in especially close on two cases. Tyler Long and the long pattern of bullying abuse that preceded his suicide is the first. The other story involves a Milwaukee school that has extensive programs that have been created in order to foster a more supportive environment for students.

The full "Bullied to Death" episode from 20/20 can be viewed here.